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Why OIG?

"Trust is built when someone is vulnerable and not taken advantage of." -Bob Vanourek


As an affiliation with Kovack Advisors, Inc., we are the pinnacle of flexibility. From the products we offer to the technology we use everyday, by being independent, we offer a truly holistic list of services that enables our firm to act as the best compliment to your financial goals. In comparison to a typical bulge bracket firm, we are not biased towards any particular financial products with commissions in mind nor are we tied to any cookie-cutter investment approach. Instead, we continue to meet with sponsors to discover new and innovative products that we feel will best suit a client's portfolio.
We treat every client as a new situation and develop a tailored plan of action depending on your unique financial standing. We take into consideration all current investments and seek to best complement and/or revise new clients’ portfolios.


We understand results and performance are on every client's mind. However, security is priority. Along with our risk conscious portfolio strategies, we strive to protect capital through risk averse investments and trustworthy financial partners. We use Kovack Securities/Advisors as our Broker/Dealer which means they handle our compliance, registration requirements and back office support. Client assets are held at a custodian of choice, all in which provides Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) coverage for client accounts. SIPC protects securities customers of its members up $500,0000. We understand it may be difficult to trust someone with your life savings; that’s why we strive to offer transparency from the first moment we meet.


 Among the top of the line financial advice and security a client receives, we place an importance on education. We understand the world of finance with all of it’s cumbersome acronyms can be a bit confusing. That’s why we have a focus on educating our clients on the strategies and services we offer along with current and future market trends. That way our clients can sleep easy at night knowing we made the best decision together.
With our online and mobile portal, we give our clients all of the tools they need such as budgeting calculators, “what-if” scenarios and a one-stop-shop to view all of their accounts and spending equipped with easy to follow tutorial videos.

Our Clients

As you saw on our homepage, "Growth" is our goal. Whether it be shown in capital gains, tax deductions, security of principal, peace of mind, education, or in our own business development, we believe growth in all can be achieved with the right adviser/client rapport. At OIG, we believe that personality and chemistry is an important part of building strong, long term relationships with our clients. To that end, we spend a fair amount of time during the initial phase of a relationship to determine if we are an appropriate fit.